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 Fellow Foxes,

 We have started on our annual   Membership Dues Campaign for   2022 - 2023. Dues collected help to   keep the Association operational, but   also fund important projects at CWA.
 Dues paying members receive   several benefits including official   verification and representation.   Please look for  more information   regarding dues payment or click and   PAY below.

You can also "Donate to our Platform"   to better serve CWA students. 

           Welcome to the College of West Africa                                 Preparatory High School

The College of West Africa is a United Methodist High School located on 144 Ashmun Street, Monrovia, Liberia.

The school was established in 1839 (as the "Monrovia Seminary"), making it one of the oldest Secondary schools in Africa. It has produced many of Liberia's bright and finest  leaders. The College of West Africa's main   building is named in memory of Melville B.Cox, the first Methodist missionary to Liberia.  

In 1904, by an act of the Liberian Legislature, the college was officially recognized and confirmed as the College of West Africa.

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                                    IMPORTANT UPDATE: LIBERIA COVID-19 SPREAD!
 I. July 1, 2021, The ongoing spread of COVID-19 continues to put everyone in the City of Monrovia, including students, faculty and staff at our beloved CWA at significant risk of contracting the Virus. This is creating an even greater urgency for direct COVID-19 Prevention support to Rev. Paye Cooper Mondolo, President of our beloved alma mater College of West Africa, and his team of administrators. This support is needed to immediately implement preventative COVID-19 Health Protocols to help make the school safer. Click here to view the COVID-19 Protocols Toolkit created by CWA-AA, USA and forwarded to the School. 

II. You may recall, on April 6, 2021, CWA-AA, USA made a special delivery (Gift) to the students & faculty at CWA School. CWA-AA, USA delivered boxes of customized washable masks, two large hand-washing stations and an assortment of personal bottles of hand-sanitizer for each student & staff.  As the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll for the worst  in Liberia, the school is in dire need of more supplies and quickly.

Check email for information on how to help or contact us!

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Identity Concerns & Data Sharing :  Please note, due to federal/state laws - regarding protection for privacy & personal data, and concerns regarding identity issues, CWA-AA, USA will NOT request any information about members of your class in an effort to protect your/classmate identity, as well as comply with laws & policies. 

You may register/update your (individual) membership online via our website for direct communication from the Association.  Information released to individuals or groups outside of CWA-AA, USA is not secure and could be subject to risks or exposure.  Thank you!

​CWA-AA, USA Inc., Post Office Box 1426, Bowie, MD 20717

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