September 7, 2020

National Labor Day!!!

Labor Day 2020 will occur on Monday, September 7th. This Labor Day we pay tribute to the contributions and achievements of all front-line workers who are showing up every day and putting their lives at risk to protect us. Thank you




CWA-AA, USA Inc., the official Association of CWA alumni in the United States, is not affiliated, associated, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with any  group/organization (except CWA alumni classes/clubs/chapters/expressly identified). Any official request for documentation, education/employment verification, representation, or otherwise, should be directed to CWA-AA, USA INC.     LRC. 


We have been speaking with multiple classes through their leadership teams, and a general meeting for class leaders/designees is scheduled for Saturday, October 3, 2020 at 7:00 PM EST. Please submit the name of your class representative to to join the session. Individuals wishing to represent a class that is not formally organized, can forward his/her name and follow the instructions for participation. Inclusion is the goal! 


In keeping with the transition plans to give each class (generation) a voice in the future direction and affairs of the Association, classes will be represented in the process to shape the agenda and planning of the National Convention. As standard, a neutral facilitator(s) will manage these discussions to ensure inclusiveness and fairness. With sensitivity to the current global pandemic, the US election season, and other concerns, the Board has set a tentative date of January 16, 2021 for a National Convention. The timeframe will provide an opportunity for dialogue, adequate planning, awareness and execution. It is important that the future of the Association is not determined by a few members, but by ALL generations of our diverse alumni body. 


In keeping with due process, and upon the election of new officers, a transition of officers will occur. The turn-over will be effectuated to not only ensure a smooth transition of operations, but to also limit any interruption to services that could be impactful to our alumni or the Association. In the interim, the Association is continuing to provide all services (including education/employment verifications, etc.) upon request, irrespective of membership compliance. These services/resources have proven to be essential in these unprecedented times. 


The Association has opened a process for all alumni regardless of their class, age or social status. Please see important timeline below and plan to participate accordingly. 


Important Timeline:

  •  October 3, 2020 7:00 pm EST - Meeting of class leaders/designees 

  •  Mid-October - November, 2020 (TBA) - Add'l meetings of class leaders/designees

  •  December 15, 2020 - Pre-Convention Registration Deadline 

  •  January 16, 2021 - Tentative date - National Convention (election of officers)

National Convention Pre-Registration - Click here!

Importantly, despite delays caused by the corona-virus pandemic, response to requests for employment and education verification, notifications, class/group announcements, and all operations are still on-going. Please continue to wash hands, stay physically distant, follow state/local guidelines and stay safe. Stay tuned for important updates and new developments. 


Thanks to all who have paid their membership dues. If you have not yet met your membership obligation please do so now. Pay your dues and add your name to THE WALL! Membership dues and other donations are made on our website through a secure Square system linked to our Association's account, to provide check and balance, and transparency in keeping with state laws & Association's guidelines. A payment receipt is generated for the donor/member once a payment has been made for your record. Please do not make dues payment, contribution or donation via cash app or other unsecured networks. Thank you for your contribution/donation to CWA-AA, USA. Also, remember to update your membership by clicking on the link below. 

Thank you for your support!

You may contact the Association directly to verify/clarify any information via any one of the contact information below. 

Identity Concerns & Data Sharing 

Please note, due to state laws - regarding protection for privacy & personal data, and concerns regarding identity issues, CWA-AA, USA will NOT request any information about members of your class in an effort to protect your/classmate identity, as well as comply with laws & policies. You may register/update your (individual) membership online via our website for direct communication from the Association.  Information released to individuals or groups outside of CWA-AA, USA is not secure and could be subject to risks or exposure.

      Thank you!

Building an Association for ALL GENERATIONS of CWA     alumni and former students.

Please click on the Join Us link and sign-up or update your membership information.

Together we can build an inclusive organization for all alumni and former students of CWA. Do your part and stay connected!!! Thank you. 

 Fellow Foxes,

Please update your membership, pay your annual dues, and stay tuned for updates. 

Please click on the link above for updated information regarding

COVID-19. We hope you and your family stay safe during these unprecedented times. 

If you need assistance during this time, please contact us and we will provide information and share resources accordingly.

Please wear masks, wash hands, stay physically distant, and follow your local/state guidelines re COVID-19.

Thank you!



CWA-AA, USA, Inc. congratulates all classes observing graduation milestones this year. We wish you a successful class reunion   ... '50, '60, '70, '80, '90, '20 - Cheers to '20!


 -  40-ton container with school ready items 

-   New graduations gowns, caps & tassels

 -  Two sets reversible sports jerseys 

 -  Paid allowances & teachers' salaries 

 -  Created the Deserving Teachers/Students    

    Scholarship program - provided three

     years of scholarship to deserving


 -  Built infrastructure/online presence (website) 

 -  Multicolor - high-capacity copier/printer to

    replace old mammographic machine

 -  One year supply of replacement cartridges

 -  Half container of curriculum and library 

    books, encyclopedia and magazines

 -  Computers for school computer café 

 -  Developed Water Tower Project 


Revenue Generation/Benefits - CWA-AA, USA

 -  CWA logo visa "cash-back" credit card

 -   Choice Hotel discounts

 -   Hertz Car rental discounts 

 -   All State umbrella insurance

 -    Viridian Electric program 

                            Click here!

CWA Water Tower Project

 You can make a contribution/donation towards the project through our secure Square application online - a three-level system developed for accountability and transparency, in keeping with State and Association's guidelines. Let's all support this important cause.

Click for details.

Fellow Fox,

We have started on our annual Membership Dues Campaign for 2020-2021. Dues collected help to keep the Association operational, but also fund important projects at CWA. Dues paying members receive several benefits including official verification and representation. Please look out for our communication with detailed information regarding dues payment - or click and PAY below.

Rest in Peace.

Alumnus, John N. Sunday, '86

Mr. John W. McClain, Jr., '64

Independent Sales Associate, MD 

TriStar Realty 

(301) 799-1713

CWA-AA, USA Life Member

Ms. Delores Macauley,  '76

Senior Independent Consultant

Mary Kay Networks

Former Instructor 

~ Show appreciation for a front-line worker by ordering a Care Package!

CWA High School 

The College of West Africa ("CWA") is a Methodist high school in Monrovia, Liberia. The school was opened in 1839 (as the "Monrovia Seminary"), making it one of the oldest European-style schools in Africa. 


CWA High School is OPENED and fully operational [2020 - 2021 school year]. 

President: Rev. Paye Cooper Mondolo

The high school occupies the main Cox building from 8:00 am - 3:00 pm - 2019 SENIOR PICS

Stay tune for current updates regarding CWA.


 CWA School Guiding Principles

 CWA BCW Updates

 CWA Operating Budget

College of West Africa, Liberia

Ashmun Street, Monrovia

"Though a thousand fall; let not Africa be given up" ~ Melville B. Cox 

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​CWA-AA, USA Inc., Post Office Box 1421, Bowie, MD 20717

Contact: or or 240-715-7737

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