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CWA High Water Tower Project, 2018/9. Revitalization Phase One.

The project began when the President of the student government reached out with three requests for their class project. With the Restroom & Kitchen renovations being top priority, former President & Chair, Alex Wonasue, and committee recommended that a water tower be constructed for the easy distribution of water to the school building (including the restrooms and kitchen), and to provide emergency storage for fire protection. This will ensure longevity and sustainability and address the grave concerns around the health and hygiene of the students and staff. A professional construction group was hired free of charge to the Association to perform the assessment and provided a full drawings and cost estimates for the project. A proforma was presented to the committee and approved.

While some classes received information about the project to start a discussion with their members, and some donation was raised, the project was designed to be fully implemented in the second phase of the revitalization. Details of the project was provided during the 2019 Reunion in Charlotte NC. All classes and groups are encouraged to join in and support this important (life changing) project for CWA. Additionally, a comprehensive report of fundraising activities, along with a detailed financial report during the period, was presented to members present at the Business Meeting (2019 Reunion).

For transparency, contributions and/or donations are paid on our dues payment page to upkeep a three-count accountability system for reporting. Also, the implementation and execution of this project should be determined by the Executive Board and general body of CWA Alumni.  

Thank you for your support!




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