July 4, 2020

Happy Independence, USA!!!

Independence Day is a federal holiday in the United States 

commemorating the Declaration of Independence of the United States, on July 4, 1776. 


The revitalization campaign ended on May 26, 2019 in Charlotte, NC. During our Business Meeting, Mr. Richard Miller, MBA, MS, ‘86 was nominated and chosen as Chair, CWA-AA, USA Inc., 2019-2021. He will lead a team that will move the Association toward a national convention within two years. The team shall hold full authority and responsibilities of elected officers. Mr. Miller has served in the following capacities - National Treasurer; President, CWA-AA, USA, Washington, DC Metro Area Chapter; and Member, Revitalization Committee. Mrs. Verlyn Chesson-Porte, JD ‘90, will serve as 1st Vice Chair, CWA-AA, USA, 2019-2021. A list of diverse and qualified committee and Board members will be updated on our website soon.

Building an Association for ALL GENERATIONS of CWA     alumni and former students.

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Together we can build an inclusive organization for all alumni and former students of CWA. Do your part and stay connected!!! Thank you. 


CWA-AA, USA, Inc. congratulates all classes celebrating milestone reunions this year. We wish you a successful class reunion   ... '49, '59, '69, '79, '89, '99, '19 - Cheers to '19 !






On May 26, 2019, a call was placed - CALLING ALL FOXES! FOXES IN THE FRONT, MIDDLE, AND REAR- to complete the CWA-AA USA Revitalization Campaign.  The campaign had the following goals: organizing, fundraising, evaluating, and planning for the Association’s future.  One of the results of the campaign is a newly formed leadership team -Read More!

Help build a Water Tower at CWA.

The project has been launched and the fundraising amongst classes, clubs, and groups have begun. A full report will be made during our annual Business Meeting. The project will begin following the completion of the Revitalization Process. 

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Please stay connected and engaged with fellow Foxes. 

More information regarding programs, projects, and updates regarding the Association. 

CWA-AA, USA INC - National Chair 









          Richard S. Miller MBA, MS, '86

         National Chair, CWA-AA, USA Inc.  


Fellow Foxes,

I like to give thanks to God for showering us abundantly with his blessings throughout the years CWA-AA, USA has existed. It is with great delight and humility that I accept the role of incoming Chairman

of this Association. With all the opportunities and challenges that come with my acceptance to serve us all, I am of the belief that this journey will not be a smooth one if the leadership team is to walk it alone. Based on the outpouring of support received during the revitalization process, I am confident Foxes near and far will continue working towards positive outcomes.

Let me take this opportunity to acknowledge the tremendous and strategic initiatives that were undertaken by the previous leaderships. Indeed, you are an inspiration, and an avenue for us to continue doing the magnificent work that you began. I am certain, that the incoming leadership team will work assiduously to exceed the expectations of our alumni community.

To our Alums, I ask that you give generously to support various projects aimed at making strategic improvements at the College of West Africa, and to leverage CWA-AA, USA domestic and global standing to assist when you need us. The leadership team will be reaching out shortly to class/chapter leaders, the alumni body, to discuss important pending and future projects, that require our collective financial support to see them to fruition. We value your opinions, and believe that there is more that unites us than divides us.

Thank you all, God bless you, God bless CWA-AA, USA, God bless Liberia!


Yours sincerely,

Richard Miller, MBA, MS, ‘86

National Chair, CWA-AA, USA INC.

 Fellow Foxes,

Please join us on Facebook on April 11, 2020 from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm for a CWA FOXES Global Roll Call. We hope everyone is well and safe during this pandemic. 

Please also follow us on FaceBook for updated information about the Association, and upcoming events. 

If you need assistance during this time, please contact us and we will provide information and share resources accordingly.

Thank you!

Fellow Fox,

We have started on our annual Membership Dues Campaign for 2018-2019. Dues collected help to keep the Association operational, but also fund important projects at CWA. As we plan to host a National Reunion in 2019, your dues are especially essential. Please look out for our communication with detailed information re dues payment - or click and PAY below.

American Philanthropist, Honorary Consul, Republic of Liberia, 

        and Chief Sponsor, CWA High School,          Mr. David A. Straz, Jr, has passed.

May his soul rest in peace!

CWA High School 

The College of West Africa ("CWA") is a Methodist high school in Monrovia, Liberia. The school was opened in 1839 (as the "Monrovia Seminary"), making it one of the oldest European-style schools in Africa. 


CWA High School is OPENED and fully operational [2018 - 2019 school year]. 

President: Rev. Paye Cooper Mondolo

The high school occupies the main Cox building from 8:00 am - 3:00 pm - 2018 SENIOR PICS

Stay tune for current updates regarding CWA. 

Mr. John W. McClain, Jr., '64

Independent Sales Associate,   Bowie, MD TriStar Realty 

(301) 793-1513

CWA-AA, USA Life Member

College of West Africa, Liberia

Ashmun Street, Monrovia

"Though a thousand fall; let not Africa be given up" ~ Melville B. Cox 

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