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Your registration has been received-Thank you! If you wish to pay your 2018 Membership dues, click the "Pay Here" button below.

Remember CWA-AA, USA needs your dues to keep us operational. Thank you!

This association depends on your dues and in-kind contributions to continue to operate and achieve its goals of giving back to CWA. You can be assured that no matter where you aim your gifts- to one or several projects across the association- every dollar counts toward strengthening this association in influencing the direction and future of the College of West Africa.


Our annual dues is as little as $60.00 - the   equivalent of one cup of coffee a month. Please use one of the following methods to make a difference.

In honor of your lifelong love for the College of West Africa (CWA) your alumni association offers a Lifetime Member Program.

To reserve your name on the page, join today for one payment of $500 (single), $750 (joint)—or for five yearly installments of $140 (single), $250 (joint). In addition to receiving name recognition on the Lifetime Member Page, you will receive a Life Member Card—never-ending access to member benefits—along with a perpetual connection to the CWA family and the enduring thanks of your alumni association. 

More information about the Life Membership will be provided soon - stay tuned. 

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