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      Application for positions of National Officers is opened from October 15, 2020 - March 15, 2021.

      There will be no nominations from the floor for positions already applied for by the submission deadline.

      In an event where there are no applicants for a position, nominations will be received from the floor. 

      You may nominate yourself or an alumnus/a for an opened position (one per candidate). 

      The Committee will ensure all members are able to participate and elect their choice for leadership among their peers.


  • Applicants must have attended or graduated from the College of West Africa High School to be eligible for office.

  • Only registered applicants (see pre-registration link) will be eligible to participate and/or run for office. 

  • All applicants seeking the office of President, Vice President or Treasurer positions should include a brief bio or professional background and statement of interest (one paragraph should suffice).


  • The election of officers will be conducted in a free, fair, and transparent manner. 

  • Voting will be conducted through a virtual platform (online polling – real time results); members unable to vote via the virtual platform, may be able to submit directly through our website or via email for quick access & inclusion by the facilitator and committee.

  • The counting of ballots and the announcement of election results will be done immediately by the election facilitator.

  • Complete the form below to begin the nomination process or click here to pre-register as an attendee for the convention. 

  • Elections Chair, Mrs. Saundra Hall - or 706.954.6054

Please make your selection below.

Add Resume/Bio (select position/applicant only)
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