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2019 - 2021



On May 26, 2019, at the 2019 Reunion in Charlotte, NC., a Mandate was given which provides that the Executive Board of CWA-AA, USA, in coordination with a team of appointees/select members, will work to execute the affairs of the Association, and move the Association toward a National Convention within two years.  

The Executive Board, as standard, will provide oversight to ensure accountability, transparency, and continue to broker communication with class representatives to discuss the planning and execution of a National Convention (election of officers), where the future of the Association will be decided by the alumni body. See Reunion Mandate 

Leadership Update:

In keeping with the 2019 Reunion Mandate and due to current events, the Board is suspending all other activities until a new corps of officers is elected. This action was made in good judgment to favor a formal election of national officers. The Board has set a tentative date of January 16, 2021 for a National Convention. Classes will play a key role in the process through their representatives. 

Mr. Richard Miller, appointed to serve as Chair of the interim team, was removed from his appointment by the Executive Board due to gross deviations from the 2019 Reunion Mandate - Legal Update

Additional information and new developments will be communicated via email. If you are not receiving emails from us please update your membership or email Thank you. 


For more information contact Rev. Henry Dolopei, (, or the Executive Board



   Executive  Board Members & Support Team:

   The Executive Board is composed of elected officers and

   advisors and is responsible for overseeing operations of

   the Association. 

  Advisors shall be appointed at the discretion of and by

  the President, and shall assist the officers in all decision-

  making, as applicable. 

   Alex Wonasue, Ex-Officio 

    - Former President; Chair, Board    


    Yuwudi Wallace, VP

     Richmond Tobii, VP 

     Ami Njai, Secretary

     Financial Secretary, John Sunday

     Treasurer, Richard Miller

     Chaplain, Rev. Henry Dolopei

     Sports Director, J. Levee Moulton 

      John W. McClain, '64 Advisor (Life Member) 


     Rev. Henry Dolopei, President, MN Chapter

     Mrs. Josephine Dennis, '83 President, TX Chapter


     Sylvia H. Wonsue, Ex-Officio

    - Former President


     Monica K. Caphart, Ex-Officio

     - Former President 

     J. Levee Moulton, '81 Hon.  



    Unofficial Ambassadors:

      J. Eliva Garnett, Social

      J. Levee Moulton, Jr., Social 

      Archie Stewart

      Zelda Wallace Woods

      Jenebah Moore

      J. Willard Johnson, Communication (website)  


     Committee Members:


      J. Levee Moulton, Social & Events



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