On December 23, 2017, a group of CWA-AA, USA alumni, mostly class representatives, attended a Strategic Planning Session in Maryland, hosted by former National President, Alex Wonasue, to discuss the revitalization of the Association. The goals of the revitalization campaign were: 

  • Organization: to boost membership, and raise awareness/interests among alumni.

  • Fundraising: to raise funds to meet our short and long-term goals, including keeping the Association operational, and funding designated projects to benefit CWA High School.

  • Evaluationto assess and create linkages with existing systems and plans.  

  • Planning: to organize and promote mini-events to lead to a National Reunion (est. Spring 2019). 

An expressed goal was to ensure that the events culminate into a national assembly of alumni where status updates and other organizational developments will be discussed. 

After seven (7) fundraising/networking events, a national reunion of alumni was held in Charlotte, NC (5/25-26/19) to determine the next step for CWA-AA, USA INC. The campaign Chair provided a full status update, financial report, and opened the floor for discussion re the next steps. In short, Mr. Richard Miller was selected as Chair of CWA-AA, USA Inc., to lead a team of officers for the next two years and, in concert with the Executive Team, host a national convention. Mr. Miller and team will continue to ignite the membership base, as well as raise funds, among other initiatives, to move the Association forward.


Mr. Wonasue expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone who participated in the revitalization campaign, especially those who saw it to fruition. He also expressed his gratitude that the Association is moving toward a more inclusive structure, which is its next chance to thrive.  



The following are the last elected National Officers and Executive Board members of CWA-AA, USA, Inc. 


    Alex Wonasue, National President 

    Richmond Tobii, 1st Vice President

    Yuwudi Wallace, 2nd Vice President

    Aminata Njai, National Secretary

    Richard Miller, National Treasurer

    John N. Sunday, Financial Secretary

    Henry Dolopei, National Chaplain

    J. Levee Moulton, Sports Director 

Executive Board Members

     Monica K. Caphart, Ex-Officio

     Sylvia H. Wonsue, Ex-Officio

     John McClain, Advisor

     Blecho Nah, Advisor 

     Josephine Dennis, Advisor/Chapter

     Henry Dolopei, Advisor/Chapter 

     Committee Members


    Professional Educators

    Grant Writers

    Development Officers